e-Matsuri: Brisbane

@Mt Gravatt Street Food


4pm - 9pm

@Cyber space


From 2pm

LIVE STREAMING HERE : Saturday 6 November 2021

From 2pm

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e-Matsuri:Brisbane has been organised by the Matsuri Brisbane Committee, on behalf of Brisbane Seinendan Japanese Community (BSJC) in response to the unfortunate cancellation of Matsuri Brisbane 2021.

To honour the substantial efforts made by participants for Matsuri Brisbane 2021, and in appreciation of the support and understanding from everyone who wanted to attend, the idea of an e-Matsuri:Brisbane was proposed.

This provides a vehicle to bring together the spirit of Matsuri in a different shape and form this year. It’s important to note that e-Matsuri:Brisbane will not be exactly the same as Matsuri Brisbane itself, nor is it intended to replace it either.

We are committed to keeping the festive spirit alive, so e-Matsuri:Brisbane will be delivered to you in two different styles this year.

1. e-Matsuri:Brisbane

@Mt Gravatt Street Food

23-10-2021 4pm-9pm

  • Featuring live stage performances, cultural activities

  • Enjoy great food and drink to further feast your senses! $2 entry fee for the market.

2. e-Matsuri:Brisbane

@Cyber space

6-11-2021 from 2pm

  • Live streaming and on demand via website.

  • Featuring cultural performances (Taiko, Awaodori, Yosakoi), demonstration (Ikebana, Sado, Kimono), activities, workshops, cooking shows, photo contest and more.

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Special Project

Photo taken by Min

Share your best photo of Japan with us.

THEME: Photos of past Matsturi Brisbane events or that show a connection to Japan are eligible.

*The Photo Contest is for amateurs only.

*voting starts 12pm 8 October 2021

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