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Regarding Japan Photo Contest result announcement - UPDATE

【Winner announcement】

Thank you to everyone who participated in our Japanese photo contest, as part of our e-Matsuri:Brisbane.

As previously announced, we decided to conduct a separate judging system. We organised a panel of three judges, who we believe to be impartial and fair, to choose the winners of the competition (names and titles of judges are shown as below).

We have finalised the judging process over the weekend are now delighted to announce seven winners in 5 different prize categories.

All winners will be contacted by the organisers soon.

Thank you again to all participants and if anyone has any further enquiries with regards to this photo contest, please feel free to contact me at taka@seinendan.org.au.

Taka Uematsu

President of Brisbane Seinendan/Matsuri Brisbane



Woodroffe Hotel (Southport) one night accommodation with breakfast for 2 persons, 


$50 meal voucher for use at Japanese Restaurant "Shushokuya Masa"


Review:This photo makes you feel a little strange in a positive way, with a feeling of rush before getting on the Shinkansen mixed with quiet serenity.

(Ms Chieko Masuda, Acting Consul-General of Japan,Brisbane)


Woodroffe Hotel (Southport) one night accommodation with breakfast for 2 persons

Himeji Park Garden 🏯

Review:The Japanese garden and the age-old wooden bridges, moss and trees combine to create a sense of tranquillity and wabi-sabi.

(Mr. Nao Hirano, President of Japanese Community of Queensland)


"Bird's Nest" (West End) $100 meal voucher and Dansen card from From Japan Only

Shinjuku Godzilla 🦖

Review:The size of Godzilla is very well represented in the contrast with the streets of Shinjuku.

(Mr Tomohiro Koyama, Vice-Consul for cultural affairs ,Brisbane)


"Bird's Nest" (Fortitude Valley) $100 meal voucher 

Amateur Hour 🍙

Review:The rice balls look very delicious and have perfect form. Also, the two rice balls somehow look like two people who are close friends. It makes me smile.

(Ms Chieko Masuda, Acting Consul-General of Japan, Brisbane)

Special prize x3

Three Special Prize of: 

Japanese Restaurant "Shushokuya Masa" 's $50 meal voucher

chosen by our sponsors

✔️Cat café 🐱

✔️Sakura Toowoomba🌸

✔️Sky tree jump🤾

Our Japanese spirits,

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